When I was 16 I decided to study in the United Kingdom. This is because I had an experience of the summer school in this country and it was brilliant. Graduation from the UK University gives high perspectives in future life, including job, an experience of international life and studying, friends across the globe and many others. It was a hard decision because I had just couple years to improve my language to the University level. Also, no one from my friends and family didn't  have such experience. Consequently, I had to find a good language school in my city where teachers and staff members could give me advice, improve my English and explain how I should prepare myself for the international education.
In Naberezhnye Chelny there are lots of different language schools and courses. I have tried many of them and finally stopped on the Cambridge school. It has  a good location, well-experienced and friendly staff members and good prices. At the beginning, I said that I want to study abroad and my teacher Albina Gimatdinova created the special intensive course of English. We have started from the very beginning - the elementary level. I had plenty mistakes, but we did not give up. Our first aim was to pass the IELTS exam for at least 6.5 for all four sections: speaking, listening, writing and reading. We had lessons almost every day, and I was impressed how fast my English was developing. After first couple month, many tasks became much easier for me. Also, I got much stuff to do at home, including one or two writings every day and 2 or three IELTS style texts to work on.
After 1 year in the Cambridge school my language was good but still, it was not enough for the UK University level. In addition, my teacher helped me to choose the University and explained which one is better and why. We searched the Internet, checked plenty international University of Bath. It has a good position in all University ranks. They help to all graduators to find a job and provide an excellent level of teaching. Now I'm a student of this Uni. My degree is Sociology and Social policy. I understand that without help and excellent work of the Cambridge school and all staff members, especially my teacher Albina Gimatdinova this result would never have come true.


Прекрасное обучение! Комфортные классы! Чудесные преподаватели! Спасибо!


Мне очень понравилось обучение английского языка в школе "Cambridge". Каждый урок был очень интересным, познавательным. Я узнала очень много. Огромное спасибо преподавателю Василе, она дала нам очень много знаний , с ней было очень интересно. Планирую дальше изучать английский язык.


Ich môchte «Danke» für Englisch Unterricht sagen. Das ist sehr interessant. Svetlana ist schôn Lehrerin.

Denis V. Wilson

Thank you for inviting me. It was a great experiance and memory. Thank you everyone.


Хорошая школа. Выбирал давно, разговаривая с друзьями и слушая отзывы ходил на собеседования, в итоге выбрал ИХ!!! И не пожалел. Небольшие группы позволяют лучше усваивать материал, а уютная атмосфера в школе заставляет жалеть о каждом пропущенном занятии.


Dear, Albina) Thank you for your work, care and knowledge that you have put in our heads. You are responsive, kind, such fun and unusual. So nice to move on: to learn the language and learn new things with you! You are cool, very beautiful, impressionable. Thank you, love you.


Уроки здесь прошли "отлично!" The lessons here were "verywell!"

Sergeeva Masha

I think our lessons were very interesting and good.

Dinara, Alfira, Rasima, Ilshat

Albina! We want to wish you success in work!!! Intelligent students, merry and active!!! We say "Thank you" for your work!! Good luck, health and happiness!
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